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Job description about Academic Affairs

Goals and Principles
We run the school based on MOE regulations and school philosophy, we also eager to achieve the educational goals by providing the best teachers, excellent appliances, creative teaching and district discipline.
Teaching Features
1.Emphasizing the balance development of general education and professional education
2.Emphasizing humanistic quality, developing healthy-personality education
3.Developing the ability in information technology integrations and applications and foreign language
4.Training students’ ability in doing project
5.Respecting students’ belief, building students’ sense of responsibilities
6.Cultivating students’ sense of teamwork, developing abilities in creativities and problem solving
Improving teaching quality
1.Teachers share their teaching experience, provide teaching methods, teaching content, and improving teaching assessments by taking part in the teaching demonstration or teaching seminar.
2.Teachers can improve their teaching skills by the survey from students’ responses of courses.
3.We have reasonable and equitable teacher assessment.
4.We keep encouraging teachers to do research for promoting the research quality by revising the teacher research awards.
5.We assist teacher to improve themselves by holding seminar and inviting scholars and experts coming to school to give speeches.
6.We improve teaching quality by conducting TQM.
7.We provide latest teaching resources, such as Internet and long-distance teaching to assist teachers to develop new teaching methods.